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This Section of the Web Site has a range of resources for people interested in finding out more information about the current discussions and debates around Reconciliation
This page is broken up into the following areas:
  • Koorie Nations
  • Media Releases
  • Recommended Reading
  • Papers

    Below are a series of maps explaining the regions covered by
    the different Aboriginal nations.

    Map:   Victorian languages groups / another one [*.jpg]

    Map: Movements of people [*.jpg]

    Map: Kulin Nations [*.jpg]

    Map: Australian Aboriginal Nations [*.jpg]

      Map: Victorian Indigenous Nations [*.jpg]
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    Below is a list of media releases that AnTAR(Victoria) have sent out:

    Bridge Protest rescheduled [*.pdf]

    Bridge protest media alert May 2003 [*.pdf]

    Bridge to be built on Parliament House in support of Yorta Yorta May 2003 [*.pdf]

    ANTaR slams state govt for 'sham' anti-racism dinner March 2003 [*.pdf]

    Yorta Yorta Survival Weekend: Supporters Statement Jan 2003 [*.pdf]

    Yorta Yorta High Court Decision Dec 2002: Yorta Yorta Failure is our Failure [*.pdf]

    Imagine: Rights, Justice and Reconciliation Dec 2002 [*.pdf]

    State election 2002: "Take a stand on Indigenous issues" ANTaR tells pollies [*.pdf]

    Wotjobalak Native Title Settlement: 8/11/2002 [*.pdf]

    Native Title: ANTaR calls for negotiated solutions - 21st August 2002

    ANTaR calls on state government to Honour conference motions on Yorta Yorta -22nd May, 2002 [*.pdf]

    Talking Treaty - June 3. [*.pdf]

    ANTaR lables Reconciliation Place a Farce - 29 Nov, 2001 [*.pdf]

    Tide can turn on legal reconciliation - Yorta Yorta - 14/Dec 2001 [*.pdf]

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    Recommended Reading
    Author Title
    Bachelard, Michael (1997) The Great Land Grab: What every Australian should know about WIK, Mabo and the Ten-Point Plan, Hyland House, Melbourne

    Elder, Bruce (1998) Blood on the Wattle: Massacres and Maltreatment of Australian Aborigines since 1788, New Holland, Sydney

    Gordon, Michael (2001) Reconciliation: A Journey, UNSW Press, Sydney
    Habel, Norma (1999) Reconciliation: Searching for Australia’s soul, Harper-Collins, NSW
    Kidd, Rosalind (1997) The Way we Civilize, Uni of Qld Press, Queensland
    Neill, Rosemary (2002) White Out: How politics is killing black Australia, Allen & Unwin, NSW
    Presland, Gary (2001) Aboriginal Melbourne: The lost land of the Kulin people, Harriland Press, Forest Hill (Victoria, Aust)
    Read, Peter (1999) a rape of the soul so profound, Allen & Unwin, St. Leonards (Aust)
    Reynolds, Henry (1990, 2000) Black Pioneers: How Aboriginal and islander people helped build Australia, Harriland, Forest Hill, Melbourne

    (NOTE: Any thing by Henry Reynolds is worth a read, given that he has his critics and naysayers)

    Trudgen, Richard (2000) Why Warriors lie down and die: Towards an understanding of why Aboriginal people of Arnhem Land face the greatest crisis in health and education since European contact, Aboriginal Resource and Development Services, Darwin
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    Author Title
    Pat Dodson Address to ACTU Congress 21 August 2003 (PDF)
    Troy Austin(Victorian ATSIC Commisioner) address to ANTaR 19 July 2003 (PDF)
    Wayne Atkinson Yorta Yorta lecture - ANTaR AGM, 2002
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